Occlusion Courses

Occlusion Course 1
Fundamental Occlusion

Occlusion Course 2
Complex Occlusion

Occlusion Course 3
Advanced Occlusion: Problem Solving

Occlusion Course 4
Problem Solving for Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

The San Antonio Institute for Dentistry (SAID) is prepared to expand and enhance the knowledge of practicing dentists of intermediate to expert skill levels. Integrating the science of occlusion, CAD CAM and esthetic, SAID cultivates the development of the competent dental practicioner, with an emphasis on imparting new techniques to serve an expanding demand for esthetics and reconstructive treatments.

At SAID, you will study advanced techniques in a high tech learning environment, observe live demonstrations, gain hands-on experience with computer aided design and individual hands-on workstations, and benefit from an intimate classroom size, allowing the maximum benefit from expert instruction.


Participants will:

  • Recognize when occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand and communicate why occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand how to modify the occlusion
  • Understand principles of occlusion, muscle function, and TMD
  • Understand and treat muscle problems
  • Understand when functional analysis is and is not necessary
  • Understand why and how to use the facebow
  • Understand when and how to use centric relation bites
  • When and how to treat bruxers
  • Learn materials and techniques for bite registration in restorative dentistry